Use THESE TWO Branding Elements to Increase Recognition, Retention, and your Bottom Line

Branding is the art of differentiation. The #1 driving force behind creating a cohesive, thriving brand is consistency. Consistently using the same visuals and messaging will help your brand in becoming instantly recognizable.

Creating a brand board that reflects the specific graphic elements you will use throughout your branding and marketing collateral is a great way to ensure your business stays consistent.

Because a brand that is constantly switching things up for the sake of variety is doing itself a huge disservice in terms of brand recognition (and as a result, likely customer retention).

Two elements specifically are oh-so-important in establishing your unique brand style to ensure customers can recognize your awesomeness from a mile away: fonts and color palettes.

Consistently using the exact same color palette and font suite throughout all of your biz-related collateral, presentations, and material will help establish you as the go-to in your industry ultimately increasing brand recognition and your bottom line.


Having a brand color palette is a great way to make your business instantly recognizable by customers. Did you know relying on a single color in your logo can help increase brand recognition by up to 80%? Yup. Color is very easy for the human brain to retain, so using the exact same palette is an easy way to make your business truly stand out from the rest of the pack.

My favorite tool for creating color palettes is a robust, free resource for creating custom color palettes. In order to ensure you are using the exact same colors, use the HEX and RGB codes associated with the colors in your palette. Coolors has extensive exporting and searching features so you have full control over palette creation and usage.

Using Pinterest to discover your ideal palette

Pinterest is a great tool for deciding the color families you want to include in your brand palette. At the beginning of projects with my 1:1 clients, I ask them to create an Ideal Style Vision Board in Pinterest where they pin all and any images that think reflect their ideal style. From there, I can analyze the colors that are used frequently and even select the specific color in the photo using coolors camera tool. Cool stuff!


Where I buy fonts for client projects

Being a type designer is a long and arduous job. So for client projects I rely on paid, premium fonts to help distinguish clients from other cookie-cutter branding in their industry. My favorite spots to shop these high-end unique fonts:

Creative Market

Font Squirrel

Da Font

BEST resource for free web fonts

Google Fonts is an extensive library of free fonts that can be downloaded directly to your computer for personal and biz use. Although their library contains several classic and commonly used fonts, if you are willing to search for a bit you can find lesser known fonts as well. This is a great place to start for the new business owner or designer who doesn’t want to invest in premium fonts. I use Google Fonts for subheader and body text fonts, but generally rely on premium fonts for logos and larger text.


Visual consistency is a cornerstone of strong branding. If every time you sit down to create content for your business, you are using different colors and winging it in terms of fonts, you are doing your business a big disservice.

Strong branding shows your customers that you care. Thrown together marketing collateral sends mixed signals to your audience. They will wonder what it is your business stands for and what they can expect from you. It also signals to them that your products and services might be as lackluster and thrown together as your branding *gulp* and that is not a good place to be.

I love working with 1:1 clients to develop a strategic brand complete with a one-of-a-kind palette and specific-to-you fonts. That’s why these two elements are included in my branding identity package.

To learn more about how strong branding can increase your bottom line specifically, set up a FREE strategy session where we’ll discuss your business needs to see if strong branding is the next right step to increase your bottom line.