Two Questions to Ask Yourself to find Greater Alignment in Biz Right Now

If you think alignment sounds like a total 2020 buzzword, stay with me...because this might be the missing perspective you needed to find greater joy (and a bigger pay day).

When I refer to alignment, I mean finding a balance in business that feels perfectly suited to you, your strengths, and the lifestyle YOU want to live. Alignment means being in flow, enjoying your day-to-day, and finding fulfilment in the work you do. Although being in alignment is not an end-goal, it’s more of a constant readjusting, it is possible to find this type of JOY in your work. But you have ask yourself some silly questions and do some untraditional soul-searching. Ya with me? Awesome.

Read on for 2 questions to ask yourself to find greater alignment in your life right now. You know, so you can find flow in your life and truly feel like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Let’s dive in.

Question #1: Who were you when you were 10 years old?

Who were you before the world told you who you were supposed to be? Who were you before the judgement of others started to paralyze you? At 10 years old I dreamed of being a school teacher and a business owner (I thought it was going to be a bakery, but a branding studio works.) I was designing business cards on the American Girl website and writing in my journal about the things I wanted to create. I’ve always been an entrepreneur, a teacher, and an artist. I just needed to remember who I really am. And an AMAZING way to do that is to think back to what you enjoyed doing and how you best expressed yourself when you were young. So close your eyes and think back to 4th grade...who were you?

Chances are after you complete this mini activity you’ll have greater clarity into what your passions are or what qualities you have that you really want to let shine through. For me, I wanted creativity and connection to be at the forefront of basically everything I did. So my 1:1 creative design work with clients is nothing short of perfect for me. But alignment here will look different for everyone.

Question #2: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you spend your days doing?

So many people let money dictate so many of their actions. Whether it’s the fact that they want to hold onto it, they want to make more of it, or they’re anxious about how little they have of it. So it makes sense that many factor money heavily into their career choice. I believe, if you differentiate yourself and are consistent with sharing your work or craft, you can make $ doing just about anything. So if money were no object, if you could “retire” tomorrow...what would you spend your days doing? You should try to infuse as many of these things into your life and business now.

After asking these two questions, you should have some insight into who it is that you truly are and what you really want to be doing. Striking this balance (and making $$ for it) is what true biz alignment is all about. This might look like tweaking your offers, changing your marketing, outsourcing certain activities. Whatever it may be, putting alignment at the forefront of your business is an amazing way to find joy in your day-to-day and attract more customers to your offer.

Remember, humans are attracted to what feels good. So create more fun, joy, and good feelings in your business by creating offers that allow you to life the lifestyle and sell the products and services that you truly want to.