Three Things I do to Prepare for Client Brand Shoots

Create a Direction Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is such an incredible tool for photoshoot planning because it allows you to explore your ideal brand style and establish the direction you want to head in, long before the shoot even starts. There is always a place for spontaneity within the creative process, but in order to create visuals that are both consistent and representative of a brand style, establishing the direction you want the shoot to go in is imperative. I walk my photography clients through a specific visualization process that begins with me asking them to create a Pinterest board consisting of inspiration images for their “ideal shoot”. This process has proven to be extremely effective (and super fun!) because it allows business owners to see what types of visuals they are most attracted to and aids in ensuring we are on the same page before the shoot starts.

Define your “Ideal Viewer”

Clearly defining who we’re creating for is another essential step in the preparation process. The big question we need to answer is this: “Who is your ideal audience and how can we create content that resonates with them so deeply they want to learn more about your products or services? If your ideal client is a working mom in her 30s with a boho and feminine style the content you create is going to be vastly different than if you were targeting a rock-climbing vegan in his forties. Establishing who your audience is and gearing your content towards them in the foundation of strong brand strategy.

Go Prop Thrifting

Now that we are on the same page for style and content and have our ideal viewer defined, it’s time to prepare for the photo making magic. Using the Pinterest board as a guide, it’s time to search for props and backdrops to include in the branded imagery. Whether I’m taking pictures of products or people, making sure that the backdrop is on brand is key to creating images that will resonate most with your target audience. I usually buy props from thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. It feels like a treasure hunt and genuinely makes me feel better about my carbon footprint. Plus...there are so many hidden gems at these places that I would never be able to find at a cookie cutter retail store. Vintage dishware, unique fabrics, and funky planters are just a few of the many things I’ve purchased for client shoots. This is my favorite part of the preparation process and once we’re geared with strategy and on-brand props, we are ready to create dreamy images that bring your vision to life.