Three Online Subscriptions I Can’t Live Without (with discount codes!)

Even if the majority of your work can be completed by sitting at the computer, the amount of things business owners have to juggle between client management to marketing your services, can be straight up overwhelming. I’ve found the following three subscriptions to be incredibly helpful in helping me stay creative, organized, and efficient in my business. Read on to discover how Honeybook, Flodesk, and Canva have helped me tremendously and how they can help you too. Plus, there’s discount codes/offers for each one!


Honeybook is a client management software and let me tell you, it has totally transformed my business. The platform lets you manage all of your client documents in one place. Contracts, invoices, client name it. The features on Honeybook are incredibly well planned out with the modern business owner in mind. The platform even lets you accept payments, both one time and recurring for retainer clients. It will surely speed up your workflow, as you can save templates for later use and manage your work from your desktop or the Honeybook app.

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Mailchimp and Convert Kit are complicated, so when I found Flodesk, an email service provider catered to the creative entrepreneur, it was like love at first sight. Flodesk lets you design gorgeous emails for your marketing campaigns, has a large template library to choose from, and simplifies the often confusing segmentation and funnels that are associated with email marketing. The topic of email marketing is robust, so I’ll address it in a future blog post. But if you’re already well versed but are feeling overwhelmed by your current provider, Flodesk will save the day. User friendly, great data analytics, and emails that actually look great? Sign this designer up.

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Canva Pro

Canva is amazing for creating quick graphics for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Although I don’t recommend the platform for more detailed design work, such as logos, this platform is incredibly robust and has proved to be helpful time and time again when needing to design simple things quickly. Plus, it’s designed for the non-designer meaning its extraordinarily user friendly and the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep as the Adobe Creative Suite. Although Canva does have a free option, I pay for the pro version each month in order to gain access to premium elements as well as their brand kit feature, which allows me to keep my branding elements (such as preferred fonts and color palettes) and elements for clients organized in one place.

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