The one thing you ABSOLUTELY NEED to add to your copy strategy

If you are relying on a webpage to convey your offers, you are doing your business a big disservice. Having a list of products or services that you sell doesn't cut it anymore. People buy the products or services that are communicated the best. So in order to stand out in your industry, you need to have a crystal clear idea of what it is about you that makes you different. Then you need to convey that difference boldly.

Having a well thought out copy strategy makes it easier for you to stand behind your offers because you are hyper-aware of your unique differentiator and know how to convey this to your audience. If your product or service is amazing but you can't explain why people should open up their wallets to purchase, your efforts will fall flat every time.

If you are really passionate about your offer but have a hard time conveying it to others, you are definitely not alone. If you got into business because you're good at what you do but don't necessary feel like you have the chops to talk about it in an effortless way, listen up...because I gotcha covered.

This one thing will really change the game for ya...write a one- liner for your business that conveys who you are, what you do, and what makes you shine.

Trio's one liner: Cohesive visuals and messaging for small business who want to grow with alignment and ease.

One liners are incredible because they are a quick way to explain what you do, can be used throughout marketing material, and make your offer accessible to the right people.

Want to learn my process for writing one-liners? Click here to download the FREE guide to writing a one-liner for your biz.

One-liners are truly the perfect first step for revamping your site copy and I'm so excited to share this process with you.