Signs Your Biz Needs to Rebrand

One of the questions brand strategists get asked all the time is "How do I know if my business needs a rebrand?" If you're less than well versed in brand strategy and design, no worries, let's walk through the signs that signal a rebrand should be on the horizon.

Your Graphics/Visuals are Inconsistent

A solid brand strategy revolves around creating visuals that you can use time and time again to spark interest in your audience and establish yourself as a reliable, consistent place to do business. If you don't have a defined style backed with a typography, color, and logo system that ensure your brand is unique and the message you send to your audience is clear, you could be doing your business a big disservice in terms of brand recognition and scalability.

Check out my article on brand style guides to learn more about how visual consistency can be created for your small business.

You Don't have a Defined Target Audience

A specific, market-researched target audience is key to creating a successful brand. Who is it that is most likely to purchase from you? How can you gear your messaging specifically towards this individual in order to draw them in and create connection?

Remember, if you are trying to sell to everyone you are actually selling to no one because your messaging is likely unfocused, vague, and inconsistent.

Defining your target audience is the first step I take brand design clients through because it informs the entire process of how we go about creating visuals and strategy for your business that your audience will love.

You Feel Embarrassed when Asked for your Business Card or Website

This is a big one. Your website and marketing collateral do a lot of the heavy lifting for you in terms of showing your audience what it is you do and how you shine in your industry. Not to mention, you look professional and like you give a sh*t if you have visuals and a site that backup your message and send the signal to your audience that you are the professional.

Feeling confident in your visuals changes the way you do business. Imagine no sweaty palms when someone asks for a business card. Or feeling genuine excitement for someone to click on your site EVEN when you know they are scoping out the sites of your competitor's too.

You Find Yourself Answering the Same Basic Questions about your Business

Your brand should be hustling as hard as you. This means having visuals and a website that support your mission, answer FAQs, and walk your client through the basics of doing business with you.

If for nothing else, this will save you a ton of time because you won't have to answer nearly as many basic/obvious questions about your business because your website and marketing collateral are doing a lot of the explaining for you.

You'll have to "sell yourself" less if you have a strong brand (with a website to match) that is rooted in your values and style as a business order. Your brand will work as hard as you.