Photographers, Try these Three Things on your Website

Shorten Your Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to pass the mic to past clients and let them do the advertising for you (seriously, they are the original hype man!) And if you’ve ever received a great testimonial (which I’m sure you’re awesome) then you know how heart-warming it can feel to have a client give you thoughtful compliments on the services and products you’ve worked so hard to create.

Testimonials are great social proof that you are out in the world walking the walk, and they absolutely should be included on your site if you have them.

Testimonials can get lengthy though, including lots of background information or wordiness that could actually be boring your audience.

Here me out--It is AH-MAZING that Suzy is a happy bride-to-be who is obsessed with her engagement photos. But your website visitors don’t want to scroll through three paragraphs of her talking about how amazing her shoot was.

They want to know if you’re the perfect photographer for them.

People have such short attention spans when it comes to how they behave online. More than a few sentences is overkill. After all, we want visitors interacting with all of your web content, not scrolling through chunks of text to eventually land on your beautiful gallery of work.

I recommend shortening the testimonials by cutting out unnecessary details (you can tell your clients that you do this for brevity, not because you don’t appreciate their kindness!) Sticking to a few stand out sentences will insure your website visitors are in fact reading them and that they are serving their intended purpose: to help you shine!

Include More Than One Picture of Yourself

I get it, I get it you feel way more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Hell, maybe you feel plain old awkward in front of the camera and have internalized that your place is behind it but never in front. This is a big mistake, friends.

Your audience is hiring Y-O-U. And you are the emblem of your brand. They want to see YOU, get to know YOUR personality, and watch YOU in action. This will foster trust and will set the foundation for an amazing relationship going forward.

Your audience needs to get to know the person behind the camera if they’re going to stand in front of it. Yeah, I went there ;)

Add Starting Prices to Book More Clients

Price transparency will help you book more clients because people often compare prices before even contacting a business. This will allow your clients to decide if you are within their budget before they reach out.

Photographers often have more detailed pricing guides for elopements and weddings, which is great. You don’t have to disclose everything...but you do need starting prices.

Forbes has an amazing article on this topic that can be found here.

Did you implement one or more of these changes into your site? I wanna hear about it! Shoot me a DM on Instagram so I can cheer you on.