My #1 tip for discovering your unique brand style

Branding your business can feel like a lot of pressure. After all, you really need to commit to your choices so you don't confuse your audience. This means not swapping out brand colors every other week or making changes to your logo each time you create a new piece of marketing collateral.

If you're prone to being indecisive or believe that you don't have a distinct style branding your business might seem like a daunting task.

You are not alone. In fact, most of my clients come to me with the same reservations and fears. They are scared to commit to one style because they think their style is undefined, eclectic, or as they like to put it "all over the damn place".

As a serial over thinker and an olympic gold medalist in being indecisive, I get it. Really, I do. Before I branded Trio, I was more hesitant than ever. After all, I was creating a brand strategy agency so I could design in different styles for my clients, not be locked into one way of doing things.

But this one thing changed the game for me and it has since become the #1 thing I tell clients before we start a project:

Make a vision board on Pinterest. And don't hold back.

Knowing that I absolutely needed Trio to have a cohesive brand identity, but feeling scattered and clueless about what it was going to be, I took to Pinterest to start brainstorming.

I pinned anything and everything that caught my attention as being something I wanted my business to be associated with: logos I liked, plants I thought looked neat, sock patterns that caught my attention, interiors that seemed inviting, you name it.

These things didn't have to be in my industry or relevant to one another. They just needed to fit one criteria: I pinned things that I thought might describe my style.

It's important not to overthink this part. Seriously, I thought this was going to be a chaotic mess of random pictures, graphics, and drawings that had no relation to one another whatsoever.

I thought it was going to confirm my belief that my style is too all over the place to brand my business in a way that's cohesive and memorable.

But boy was I wrong...

After about a week of pinning in my downtime, I had an impressive Pinterest board to inspire my brand identity.

I was shocked to see the same colors and font families come up again and again. It was clear orange and green were my favorite colors. It was also clear I was attracted to a certain type of font family. And it was sure as hell clear what I WASN'T. I wasn't preppy or elegant or elite. I was pinning plants left and right, gorgeous mountain scapes, and national park snapshots.

My style was much more unified than I initially believed.

Now this is the first thing I have all of my new clients do. I tell them to make a vision board on Pinterest of anything that grabs their attention or that they think defines their ideal style. Time and time again, I am amazed by how different styles shine through from this activity.

Then it's my job to notice the similarities between pins and translate it into a brand identity that is uniquely, utterly, and completely you.