How to Download FREE fonts from Google

Whether you’re working on developing the type suite for your branding or just want to play around with fonts for the fun of it, Google Fonts is an amazing resource for avid designers and newbies alike.

Google Fonts is a resource library with thousands of free fonts that can be downloaded to your computer for use in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Word.

Google Fonts is fast and free if you know these ultra basic steps:

1. Open Google Fonts in your web browser.

Launch Google Fonts by clicking here.

2. Search fonts by category

Filter fonts by type or use the search bar to search for a specific type family.

3. Test out your own words in the chosen font

Type your own text into the search bar at the top of the page to view your words in the selected font. This is a super useful too if you’re looking for a specific font for a project, because you get test out the font for your specific needs before downloading it. Total time saver!

4. Download zip file to computer

Click “select this style” located to the right of the individual font style or “download family" to download all styles within the font.

Google will download the file to your computer in the form of a zip folder.

5. Open zip folder & download font to computer

After you select download, the fonts will appear on your computer in a zip file. Simply double click the zip file to unzip the folder and have access to its contents. Once you’ve opened the zip file, you can double click on the individual fonts (files typical end in .otf or .tff), and your computer will prompt you to download the font. Once the font is downloaded, you should automatically be able to use it across Adobe Creative Suite platforms. Cool stuff!

6. Open your fave software and get to designin’

Now that the fonts are on your computer, you’ll be able to access them from multiple platforms. After I download fonts, I immediately open Adobe Illustrator to play around with potential logo layouts and branding for clients.

Google Fonts is an incredible tool and proves that great design doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Follow these six simple steps to download hundreds of high-quality, free fonts to your desktop.