How to Craft Core Messaging that Your Ideal Audience Finds Irresistible

The Importance of Having a Copy Strategy

This strategy slips through the cracks for so many businesses, and it is one of the most important: COPY STRATEGY

Copy refers to words that sell and having a strategy surrounding your messaging is a killer tactic to ensure you are speaking to the heart of your ideal audience, using words that resonate with them, and closing sales at a greater rate with flow and ease.

Copy is one of my absolute favorite services that Trio offers because it is arguably the most impactful. Intimately knowing your offer and your position in the market and being equipped with the words and messaging to explain that offer to your audience? SOLID GOLD. That’s money in your pocket...seriously.

Because here’s the deal: people don’t always buy the best products and services. They do, however, buy the products and services that are conveyed the most clearly. How is working with you going to make them feel? What transformation do you offer? Rolling up your sleeves and diving into the psychology behind your offers and refining the wording you use to describe what you do, is an absolute game changer for so many businesses.

Don’t be afraid to spell out the features and benefits of your product or service in a way that is unique to your brand and resonates so deeply with your target audience, that doing business with you is a total no brainer.

Clearly Defining your Target Audience

This is the first step to any strong copy strategy. It is also the step I spend the most time on with my 1:1 clients because painting a crystal clear picture of who it is you serve is necessary when it comes to refining your word choice and crafting messages that resonate with your audience specifically.

Because here’s the deal friend: If you are selling to everyone you are selling to no one.

It would be impossible to create a specific-to-your-people, heartfelt copy strategy if you’re trying to resonate with every human on the planet.

So want to know my best advice? Don’t even try.

Instead of trying to resonate with more than one group of people, get to know YOUR people so well that you can speak to them in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Ask yourself: Who would get the most value out of what I have to offer? How old are they? Where do they hangout online? What are they struggling with right now and how can I offer them a solution?

Your audience will bring their friends. And that’s how good businesses become great.

Crystal clear messaging that evokes some good ol’ feelings in your audience is key to fostering connection and ultimately closing sales.

Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition

No one tells their friends about a mediocre experience. Very few people write reviews on Amazon for products they felt indifferent about. Being run-of-the-mill is replaceable and being replaceable is not a good strategy to scale a business.

What is it that you offer your clients that’s different from others in your industry? Is there anything your clients come to YOU for again and again because your competitors just don’t do it the same? What’s your superpower? Your gift?

For a lot of my 1:1 clients, answering these questions is hard. Big gulp.

Seriously, don’t fret if the answer isn’t obvious right away. Consider this your gentle reminder that your brand positioning matters. Spend some time thinking about the experience you offer clients or how your product helps make their lives better. Then consider how you can lean into this difference in your messaging strategy to attract more of the right people to your offer.

Trio’s unique selling proposition? I’ve designed a system that helps small businesses transform into BRANDS through heartfelt copy, design, and photography so they can scale with alignment and ease.

And for clients who only hire me for one of my services, my obsession with coaching you to find alignment in your business and life as we work on building your brand is definitely unique to me.

Positioning Yourself as an Authority Through Messaging

Becoming the go-to in your industry has a lot to do with your brand positioning. Positioning refers to how your customers view you in the market. Are you the go-to photographer for adventurous elopements? Or do you have a fear of flying and specializing in pet headshots in your hometown is more your speed?

In addition to your unique positioning in your market, it’s also important to position yourself as an authority. As someone who knows what they’re talking about because of your experience and commitment to your craft.

After all, no one is eager to take out their wallet to work with someone who might have the answer but will likely be struggling alongside them.

People want to purchase products and services that will get them results faster, transform their state of mind, or solve their problem.

The best way to position yourself as an authority? Show up consistently and provide valuable info to your audience that only someone in your industry would know.

Ask yourself how your expertise can help your ideal audience with something they are struggling with. Provide troubleshooting tips, tell stories, and explain how you have struggled with their exact problem but overcame it.

Authority building is an ongoing process that requires you to be in continuous “student mode” , always wanting to learn more about your craft and industry so you can provide top-notch value to your audience in a way that serves them and the struggles they are currently facing.

Crafting a one liner

One Liners are an incredible biz tool to convey who you are, what you do, and what makes you shine.

Trio's one liner: Cohesive visuals and messaging for small business who want to grow with alignment and ease.

One liners are incredible because they are a quick way to explain what you do, can be used throughout marketing material, and make your offer accessible to the right people.

Want to learn my process for writing one-liners? Click here to download the FREE guide to writing a one-liner for your biz.

Your business needs a copy strategy so that you can clearly convey your offers and win over the hearts of your ideal audience. By defining your target audience, establishing your unique differentiator,