Five life-changing Podcasts that'll Improve your Branding

It’s 2020, and unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed that everyone seems to be listening to podcasts.

Anyone else remember when Apple released those “There’s an App for that!” commercials? The company showcased the impressive variety of games, tools, and oddities that can be purchased in the Itunes App Store on your Iphone.

As using apps has become commonplace, it seems that the new adage has changed to “There’s a podcast for that!”

Below you’ll find a list of five killer business podcasts that will help scale and strengthen your brand.

1. Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast releases new episodes twice weekly. She discusses all things online biz from What Makes a Good Pitch (episode 278) to Why your Business Needs a Blog and How Storytelling can increase your sales. Jenna is known for her top-tier online education programs for entrepreneurs and her down-to-earth relatability. She’s highly feminist, super motivational, and gives you tough love when you need it. If there’s one well-rounded biz podcast you need to listen to religiously...this is it!

2. Online Marketing made Easy

Hosted by perhaps the sweetest woman on the internet, Ms. Amy Porterfield, the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast is a highly useful resource for implementing the most effective strategies to scale your online business. Amy gives tactical, easy to implement tips and tricks that will transform your business. The best part? The knowledge you’ll gain is totally free and episodes come out each and every Thursday. Particularly noteworthy episodes include 7 Secrets to Talking About Your Product like a Pro (episode 259), 5 Ways to Create Binge-Worthy Content (episode 237), and Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue in Your Business (episode 215).

3. Building a Story Brand

Definitely the most branding-centric of the bunch, Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand Podcast gives entrepreneurs proven strategies for clarifying their message and crafting a cohesive brand identity. The show, named after Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand book, references his unique seven part framework for creating clear copy and envy-inducing brand strategy. Especially informative episodes include Three Practical Ways to Tell a Compelling Brand Story on Social Media (episode 156), How to Lead with Vision so Your Brand Stands Out (episode 133), and How to Create FOMO and Make Your Marketing More Powerful (episode135).


The sassiest podcast on this list, the RISE podcast, is continuously ranked as one of the top business podcasts on apple. Rachel Hollis, the podcast’s spirited & witty host, discusses topics including mindset, money management, and goal setting. Rachel is passionate about helping small business owners scale their heart-centered businesses in a way that feels authentic to them. Favorite episodes include Battling Burnout & Finding Your True Calling (episode112), How to Overcome the Fear of Failure (episode 93), and What Success Really Means (episode 82).

5. Entrepreneurs on Fire

The podcast with the biggest discography of the group...Entrepreneurs on Fire! Releasing multiple new episodes every week, this podcast is a hub for entrepreneurs globally. Sharing a myriad of success stories, interviews with influential leaders, and practical advice for growing and operating a company, this podcast is a must-listen for both new and seasoned business folk alike. Binge-worthy episodes include How to Massively Increase your Organic Traffic Through SEO (june 10),