Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Website Right Now

I get it, a website overhaul is time-consuming and a custom site is expensive. If you want to give your website a little refresh without having to edit for hours on end or write a check for thousands, try one of these four updates:

1. Include a personal touch to foster a bond with your audience

Whether it’s a picture of you and your pets, a mini rant about your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerries, or a list of your favorite Netflix series, adding a personal touch to your website will help foster a bond between you and your viewer. Learning about where you live and what school you went to just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. What’s something memorable that you can share with your audience to position yourself as approachable, fun, or down-to-earth? Remember, if you are a service based business owner, you are your brand. What about you makes you different than others in your industry? Share these little pieces of info with your audience. It’ll help keep you top of mind when they are in the market for your product or services (or has a friend who is!)

2. Refine your copy to focus on the transformation you take your customers through

Nobody buys things for no reason. One of the most common mistakes I see on small business websites is the lack of copy explaining how your product or service will make their lives better. Answer the question, “What will life look like after you use my product or hire me to complete a service?” as often as possible throughout your messaging. Do you help people get out of debt? Feel more confident? Have the website of their dreams? You need to tell your audience this. Don’t just expect them to piece it together for themselves. Strong copy sells.

3. Add a FAQ section to speed up your workflow

Do you get asked the same questions again and again? A simple way to speed up your workflow and build credibility is to incorporate a FAQ section onto your site. Not only is it super helpful for your audience to get their burning questions answered without having to email you, it’ll save you time and position you as the person with all the answers! Definitely a great place to be as a business owner.

4. Add a testimonial section to build social proof

It’s one thing for you to talk about your incredible products or services and it’s another thing to have someone else hyping you up! A great way to build social proof is by including testimonials on your website. Having other people take the microphone to speak on your behalf is very powerful because your future clients likely have a lot in common with your past ones. Reading reviews will give them the confidence to reach out to you to experience your awesomeness for themselves.