Aligning Your Offers with Who YOU ARE so You Can Close Sales with More Ease and Joy than Ever Before

Stop doing shit you hate. Eliminate services you don’t actually want to be doing.

Most businesses receive the vast majority of their income from just one or two core products or services. So it comes as no surprise that a lot of biz owners will feel resistance when they think about cutting back on offers that are making them money.

If you’re currently excited about the products and services you offer within your business, that’s an excellent sign you are already within a state of flow in your business.

But what if you’re dreading the things that fuel your bottom line? What if you want to introduce a new product or service that you’ve never offered before but are worried about its profitability?

I hear you. This is a common fear. But here me out...

You’ll be more profitable if you are doing things that you enjoy doing. Anything else is just a limiting belief.

I truly believe that if you are passionate and excited about what you’re doing it’ll make it easier and more fun to show up and will come across on sales calls and product pitches. (AKA your people will be able to tell...and will be wayyy more likely to open their wallets for the life-changing products or services you offer!)

So really don’t be afraid to lean into the products and services you want to offer. And if you’re nervous about the finances, skip to part 4 where I discuss transitioning to products and services that are more aligned with who you are and the work you want to be doing.

Creating offers that make sense for your industry and your ideal brand positioning

Just because other people in your industry are doing something doesn’t mean you should. Every industry has trends. Things that are common practice at one point that fad with the passing years. While being industry relevant will always be important, basing your brand position off of trends is no way to grow a sustainable business.

If you are constantly trying to mimic your competition, you will have no unique brand differentiator to aid you in standing out in your industry. No answer to the question, “Why should I hire YOU and not your competition?”

A better method is to discover what it is that makes you different and find a way to align that with a very specific market.

The first example that comes to mind is photography. You can make money as a wedding photographer, but it certainly isn’t the only way to have a lucrative photography business. If you tell yourself that others in your industry seem to be pursuing wedding photography so you should too, then you are potentially ditching a very lucrative market (family, senior, maternity portrait photography) in pursuit of something that the pack is doing.

All this does is zap your passion and create a hole in the market for people who actually want a portrait (and not a wedding) photographer!

Overcoming mindset blocks when it comes to shifting offers

Like with virtually everything in biz, it is going to take initiative to transition your offers to create a list of services that is aligned with the ideal version of your business. There are definitely a handful of common mindset traps that will come up when you go to do this.

Thoughts like...

  • “Well this other thing is making me money, so I can’t stop doing it!”

  • “This new offer won’t be as profitable so it’s not worth it.”

  • “I’ve never done this before and I’m really comfortable with my current services.”

I totally get it. But these thoughts creep in because our brains are trying to protect us from the unknown. What they don’t know is how powerful and capable we are of change. You will show up in a more effortless and authentic way, actually enjoy what you’re doing, and will close sales with greater ease if you lean into the type of business that you want to have.

Imposter syndrome is more or less universal, you have to give yourself permission to be a beginner and try something new.

Creating offers that make sense for the lifestyle and work day you want to have

When I was first daydreaming about starting Trio, I thought a lot about the life I wanted to live as I ran and scaled this business. For me personally, everything came back to travel. I knew I wanted to be location independent so I could prioritize travel and not be locked down to one place. This greatly informed the services that I offered. I wanted to prioritize copywriting and design services because these can both be done fully remotely and are two of my greatest passions.* Having design and copywriting clients has given me the ability to travel while I work from the comfort of my own laptop.

*Yes, Trio offers photography services too, but these are done locally or on a traveling basis.

A slow and steady transition (because you're a finance superstar!)

Finding alignment and transitioning your offers. It would be unrealistic to assume you’re going to ditch the things that are making you profitable to pursue something new overnight. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth starting. In this case, I recommend advertising offers and sharing work that is aligned in the direction you want to go in, but still talking on projects that fall within your old way of doing things behind-the-scenes. This is a great way to ease the financial changes that may arise as you begin offering something new. Still, don’t doubt that these new offers can make you more profitable than you are currently. The work you share is the work you will get. Update your website and social media presence to reflect the new work you do. This transition is so worth it because you’re day-to-day will be filled with activities that ignite you, not drain you.

Ultimately, aligning your offers with the business you want to have not the business you currently have will allow you to find more ease and flow in your day-to-day as a business owner. Plus, having offers that excite you will only liven your brand identity, improve the way you show up for your audience, and increase the quality of the services you offer. WIN-WIN-WIN!