Aligning your mind, body, and spirit in business so you can close more sales with less effort

As humans it’s natural to think we need to change our circumstances in order to be happy or achieve success. The problem with this thinking is that the metaphorical finish line (ya know, the one that you think is guaranteed to make you happy once for all) keeps moving. If you’re prone to having thoughts like “Once I make X amount of money in sales per month,” “Once I can outsource X amount of projects in business” or “Once I am making X amount in revenue” THEN I can be happy.

The good news is that you don’t have to hold onto this old model of thinking. You can actually create happiness and the feeling of success in your business and life right now. You just need to take small, intentional steps towards infusing joy and mindfulness into your everyday.

Aligning your mind

When it comes to business, mindset truly is everything. It can be so easy when you work by yourself (or even with a small team) to talk yourself out of taking risks or trying new ideas. The feeling of failure always feels like it’s looming because so much of your business (and your life) is tied to this. Aligning your mind to your business means doing what is within your control to remain both positive and resourceful in terms of your business.

I believe that in order to remain positive about your business you have to detach yourself from it to some extent. This will initially feel counterintuitive, even uncomfortable. It’s easy to fall into the trap of associating the success of our businesses with the worth we have as humans. Doing this mindset work to detach is integral to scaling your business because making mistakes is an inevitable part of growth. You are not your business.

Aligning your mind always means constantly being in a state of learning, connecting the dots, and using resources to best serve yourself within your business. It also means being willing to experiment and listening to your own needs and desires. You should wake up feeling excited about the products and services you offer the world. Keep playing until you find this excitement.

Aligning your body

Where you do your work and how you feel when you are doing it are the two key components of aligning your body to your biz. If you find yourself most inspired working in the buzz of a coffee shop, you should prioritize scouting out locations to work throughout the week. If, on the other hand, you find yourself “on a roll” when it’s quiet, you should search for libraries with a good wifi connection.

I’m also a big proponent of going for walks, stretching, and just generally moving your body to get them creative juices flowing. Eating well and catching your 8 hours of z’s is important too!

Aligning your spirit

There are only a certain amount of things within your control. And that’s just life. Showing up consistently and positively within your business can be hard when it feels like there are so many moving parts that are completely out of our hands. I urge you to put your trust in the universe to meet you halfway. Your passion, willingness to show up for your people, and hard work will pay off for the better. The universe has your back.

Flow & Ease

Humans are attracted to what feels good and natural. Aligning your mind, body, and spirit to your business will only amplify your results in a way that feels more effortless. We’ll feel better about the results we are getting because we are more aligned and this will fuel us to keep moving forward. So don’t ignore the personal work that is required to run a successful business. Your mind, body, and spirit are all integral ingredients in running the hard-centric, passion-driven biz of your dreams.