5 Signs it's Time to Hire a Copywriter

Copywriting, not to be confused with copyrighting, refers to the written words, or copy, used to promote an offer or service.

In other words, copy means words that sell.

If you have a stellar product or service but can’t get in front of the right audience and convince them you’re the answer to their prayers, then what good is it, right?

Copywriters are pros with words, knowing how to combine them effortlessly and sprinkle them with strategy to create messaging that is aligned with your offer and speaks to the heart of your ideal client.

Copywriters help you develop a messaging strategy around your product or service so you can stand out in your industry and attract your ideal clients.

We paint a crystal clear picture of what it is you do, draw in your ideal audience with wording that resonates with them, and make you the obvious choice in your industry.

Sounds pretty great, right?

But you’re a busy business owner, juggling multiple things at once, is hiring someone else really the right next step for you?

These 5 things indicate a copywriter will be a strong investment for you and your business.

1. You find yourself staring at a blank screen…a lot

Let’s be honest, not everyone feels struck by a muse every time they sit down and open a fresh Google Doc. And let me be the first to say, that is perfectly okay. If you find yourself in a more or less constant state of writer’s block, then let me be the one to tell you that you don’t have to go this alone.

So if you find that you’re wasting a lot of time and don’t have a lot to show for it, hiring a copywriter will likely be a huge relief. A weight lifted off your shoulder. And an item (or ten) checked off your to-do list without the hassle. And, perhaps most importantly, giving you the time back to do what it is you do best.

2. The tasks that involve writing are always the ones you put off

If you’d rather retake the math SAT than sit down to write content for your business, that’s another great sign a copywriter would be a killer investment for you. You deserve to hone in on your area of genius and outsource what doesn’t set your soul on fire. Having a solid copy strategy will only serve to support that product or service that IS within your area of genius, it’ll clear up the mental clutter and shorten your to-do list. A win-win.

3. You are constantly wondering how everyone else sounds so good online, yet you can’t seem to convey your personality and style via the written word

If you have copy envy when you look on your competitor’s website or glance at a sales page. It’s likely because they hired a copywriter to help them zero in on their messaging and cut through the noise. There’s a strategy when it comes to all these words, and a copywriter will walk you through it and help you craft messaging that is specific, relevant, and tailored specifically to your biz.

4. Writing is sucking up your time and taking you away from the craft you actually enjoy doing

OOO! This is a big one! Time is a precious, precious resource. If you find that writing is a soul-sucking activity for you (it is for lots of people, you aren’t alone!) than outsourcing the task of website or email copy might be a great option for you. You’ll have more hours in your day to focus on what you do best, and you’ll be a lot happier with all the writing checked off your “to do” list.

5. You had no clue there was such thing as “copy strategy” and you’re definitely not using it in your biz

There’s a method to the madness when it comes to crafting messaging for your offer or website. If you’ve been writing for your business with no strategy in mind in terms of your copy, then reaching out to a copywriter (even for a single session), could be a game changer for you and your business. Copywriters will walk you through the process of uncovering your ideal target audience, defining your unique selling proposition, and writing witty one liners for your biz.