16 Ways to Improve your Website

  1. Update your copy to reflect the heart of what you do and who you serve.

  2. Swap out your headshots for new or more seasonally appropriate ones.

  3. Implement a consistent color palette and typography suite throughout

  4. Add an email pop up asking your audience for their email in exchange for a freebie

  5. Add new, relevant testimonials

  6. Start a blog on your site to improve SEO

  7. Tag your pictures with keywords to increase web traffic

  8. Link your IG feed so your audience can stay to speed on what you're posting on social.

  9. Share a candid picture of you. (I'm talking unposed, in your element).

  10. Add a one-liner "above the fold" of your website sharing in one sentence what you do and who you serve.

  11. Update your "about" page to include something more personal that will connect you to your audience.

  12. Add a call to action above the fold of your website.

  13. Double check your mobile version to make sure text is legible, pictures are sized correctly, and the ratio of text to pictures is user-friendly.

  14. Update your portfolio with recent work. Be brutal, culling anything that doesn't represent you anymore. (Speaking of...I need to do this 🙋🏻‍♀️)

  15. Check for broken links to improve SEO.

  16. Update the copy on your website to discuss the transformation that your product or service provides.

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