11 Mindset Shifts Every Entrepreneur Should Master

  1. There is no such thing as an oversaturated industry. There is enough business to go around.

  2. Presence is key to a successful, thriving business.

  3. It won’t always feel like things are “paying off”, but trust in the process.

  4. Know in time it will all work out. Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint.

  5. If you’re trying to sell to everyone, you’re actually selling to no one. Being a generalist will make you fade into the background. Get clear on who you have the capacity to serve and own your genius within that particular group.

  6. Numerical metrics are only part of the story when measuring a businesses success. Are you happier because you own your business? Do you have more time to spend with your friends or family? Do you find joy in creating your own schedule? These are not traditional metrics of success, but in my opinion they should be.

  7. Action breeds clarity. Don’t overthink everything in your business. It will keep you stuck, stagnant, and playing small. Learn how to do research and be equipped with the knowledge you need to succeed, but don’t get stuck in this phase. Taking action will breed greater clarity than sitting around wondering, pondering, and “planning” ever will.

  8. Your current customers are your greatest asset. Treat them like gold and they will return the favor by referring you. Stop focusing on getting new clients and start focusing on treating the ones you currently have like rockstars.

  9. Perfection is overrated. When you give yourself permission to not be perfect, you also give yourself permission to be great. Remember, perfectionism is just a fear of not being good enough, dressed up as something different.

  10. Remember that nothing is permanent. Everything is constant flux and flow and entrepreneurship is no different. A bad sales day or a crappy consult call does not define you. Your willingness to get back up and go at it again, does.

  11. Put your blinders up. Other entrepreneurs will always be sharing their wins, highlight reels, and revenue markers. Remember, you can never truly know how someone feels or is performing from their social media. You can have 50k followers on Instagram and not be making a dime and a 500 followers on Facebook and be making 6 figures. Remember these numbers are distractions.

Which one of these mindset tips resonated with you the most? Which of them should you try to implement into your life this week?